Because we offer services and solutions of different sizes, our pricing model varies based on the scope of the project and your preferences. The best way to get an estimate for your project is to tell us about it.

We can provide you project-based quotes, break the project into phases, charge on an hourly basis, or charge per user for some solutions and services. Our goal is to make sure that the project and the price are aligned for you. We don't charge anything until a contract is in place, so feel free to contact us!


  • Best for adhoc work
  • Small projects
  • Enhancements


  • Best when we both learn as we go
  • Medium to large projects
  • Great way to get things started


  • Best when the scope is well-defined
  • All sized projects
  • Specify complete result upfront

Please contact us or tell us more about your project to get started. We look forward to partnering with you!